• Lorraine
    21 November 2020 at 1:31 pm

    One of the most expensive removalist and they said it’s coz they can guarantee my furniture will be safe.
    I timed them and they charged me 2 hours extra, 6 hours late and they didn’t notify me, horrible customer service, the time their movers to walk around the house to apparently evaluate the house and figure out how to fit the furniture in their truck, took toilet break, broke my cupboard, tried to fix it, and folding and packing up their truck.
    Most of my furniture is either broken and dented including my piano. Called the company more than 20 times that day before, during and after the move.
    They charged my credit card without authorisation and there were hidden extra charges.
    I’m collaborating with a lot of victims around the country in getting my money back.

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