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One business can only have one listing under one physical location. This rule helps us make sure there are no double-ups in our online directory.

If you have multiple physical locations/stores/offices, franchises or places of operation, you need to sign up for the “agency” package that allows multiple business/location listings.

All free listings are subject to approval and are at SEO Links‘ absolute discretion.

If your business details have changed, you do not need to create a new listing. You simply need to update your details on the existing listing.

Listings submitted under successor or agency packages get listed on the website instantly after payment is confirmed.
If you’ve just added your business to SEO Links under the “starter – free listing” package, it will need to have admin approval before it is listed. Free listings approvals can take several days depends on our workload at the time. Please be patient, and an email notification will be sent to you once the listing is approved.
Please note that search engines such as Google need to refresh their database to pick up changes that have been made on the website. The refresh usually occurs within a few days. However, it can take over 12 weeks for search engines to update their database. Please note that SEO Links does not control this process.

The easiest, fastest way to do this is to log in to the user admin account and select my listings tab. From there, click the listing (if you have multiple listings), you can update details, add in more content or make changes.

If you bought a business and kept the same name, you’re using the existing reputation and customer base. In this case, the existing reviews will stay on the listing because they are part of the business’s online reputation.

The more information you include in your listing, the easier it is for customers to trust and understand your business and see what makes you different from your competitors. Besides, search engines love content, and it helps them differentiate between listings and deliver results they know customers will value. So you are also more likely to top search results with a content-rich listing.

Reviews and comments on SEO Links allow consumers to share the experiences they have had with Australian businesses. They also help other consumers decide which businesses to use.A review is one person’s first-hand experience with a business. A comment is a response to a review.Comments allow business owners to respond to reviews about their own company. They can say thank you for the praise, apologise for a mistake or share their side of the story.

Reviews are today’s word-of-mouth. Reviews impact consumers” buying decisions; it makes your listing on SEO Links appear more comprehensive and complete, increasing your chances of getting more leads.

If you have any regular customers, ask them to review you on SEO Links;

Ask your customers at the end of a job/transaction to leave you a review on your SEO Links listing;

Send a link to your True Local listing in your email communications;

Post on your social pages with a link to your True Local listing and ask your customers to leave you a review.

Yes. We also use state-of-the-art technologies to detect and remove fake reviews. We then moderate every review and comment before it is published. We check the content of reviews and comments and ensure that it meets our guidelines. All reviews and comments submitted to SEO Links become the property of SEO Links.

No, you will need to look on your SEO Links Profile Page to see the reviews written about your business.

We accept both positive and negative reviews. However, request that they be authentic and helpful. Remember, not every business will get good reviews all the time. The best way to deal with negative reviews is to respond quickly and turn a negative into a positive. If appropriate, apologise for their experience, and address the issue. Your response comment shows how much you care about your customers’ satisfaction.

To respond to a review that has been left for your business, log in to your account. There will be a “reply” link underneath each review. Click the link, and the reply section will show under the review.

This is most likely that your review is still in moderation. This process can take some time.

We currently do not have an edit function for editing review, but you can post a new review on the business listing.

Once a review is posted and approved, it will remain on the website.

Do not worry, it happens.
You can reset your password from the top of any page by clicking on the “Sign in”, then click on ‘Forgot your password.
Enter your Username or email, then click on ‘reset password’. You will receive an auto-generated email containing a link to reset your password shortly.

Make sure you check your junk or spam folder.